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We are looking for you! Are you a creative magician and eager to astonish the world?

From today we have enabled an email for you, a future Enfilo artist, to send us your creations and make them popular through our magic platform.

Just send us an email using this contact form with a link to the performance of the trick that you want to use to astonish the world and one with the explanation. You can add as much detail as you want about the trick, our team will review the emails received and will reply you if you leave us speechless.

Do you think this opportunity is not real? Our friend Deepak, now new Enfilo artist, has been the first Enfilo artist that appears through this initiative. Do not miss this great effect he shares with us! NP (Coin Magic - Technique)


Aenigmate - Manu Montes - The first surprise at Enfilo

After a time in silence preparing new surprises for you, the time to show you the first of them has arrived. We break the silence to say something BIG, Aenigmate. And this is only the begining, we continue preparing new Enfilo A la Carta for you and a great project is being created.

We are sorry guys because this is our first DVD and it is only available in Spanish, but don't worry, in our mind this is the first and the last thing which is only available in Spanish, this has been the first Spanish superproduction, and the last one, from now the next DVD will be a mundial Superproduction. And you won't have to wait so much for it.

By now, Inspiration. Style. 9 devastating routines, Aenigmate

If you wanna understand what we are saying, have a look to the video: Welcome to a new age at Enfilo, welcome to Aenigmate, ¿What will be next?.


Contest Winners. The Release.

After the calm comes action!

During this last week we reached the first 1,000 subscribers in our Official YouTube Channel which already has more than a half of million views. We are very happy about it. Thank you for your support guys.

And a good way to celebrate it is announcing the winners of the 3 Words Contest that comes with a surprise. Here you have all the information.

But there's more, after releasing the video with the hidden code announcing the arrival of our next artist, it's time to know his identity. The Best Underground Coin Magician in the World, Ricardo Vizcarra, brings us a piece of art, the Silver Copper Transposition.

Many people have found the code and have used it correctly. And we have selected 5 of them completely at random. So they are: steveomagic, Asdecorazones221, SiempreMagia, FbiLem and TheAmazingBoy2. Get in touch with us and we will give you all the details.

About Ricardo Vizcarra, we would like to share something more with you. "We never saw something like that", that's exactly what we thought when we watch his live show, since that day it was so obvious for us that the Ricardo Vizcarra's Magic is one of the Best in the World. His magic is very clean and clear, so you only can say: "There's magic in his hands".

Welcome to the birth of a new reference in Coin Magic. Who is him? Know him with The Silver Copper Transposition. The Poetry of Magic.

That's all for now,

Yo enfilo!
The Enfilo Team

PS: We have released a new design for our facebook page: We are looking forward to your comments!


The Best of the Year is pleased to bring you the best of this year 2011!

Best Seller

The Thought Leakage - Marc Ruiz


The Most Watched

Remember and Forget - Dani DaOrtiz

The Most Magical

Living Cards - Luis Arza


The Best Rated

The Thought Leakage - Marc Ruiz

Video of the Year

Life and Magic

In addition to this, remember that this Saturday as every week, there have been new release, Christmas arrives with Bébel and his trick Double Asymmetric Transposition with a Glass. A trick in which "Imagination is the Art of giving Life to what is not, to persuade others to accept a World that is not really there"

We want to highlight that in less than a week Marc Ruiz with his trick "The Thought Leakage" has become a record at No doubt that Marc with his game, which has fooled even great magicians of the moment, has become the great revelation of the year. If you haven't seen it yet, don't miss it.

Merry Christmas and remember that we have gifts for you, look at it in the participate section!

¡Yo enfilo!


-The Enfilo Team


New Section: Magic Theory.

Hello everyone!

These days we had some holidays, and instead of taking a rest, we have prepared a new surprise. We can not sit still! We are thinking in You and in Magic, and we have created a new section, a Magic Theory Articles section, and the Best part: it is free.

Yes, you read right, Free Magic Theory. You know that Magic is much more than just a trick, so it's important to spend some time on the theory, which accompanies this trick, helping to make magic ... Today in the Enfilo store you will find a new section of Theory Articles about Magic written by our artists. We put at your disposal so you can read them whenever you want, just for free .

Ok so, "How do I get them?" It's simple, just register at the store if you have not done yet (remember that the web user is independent of the store, so you have two users. You can use the same name, email and pass) Then you can add to your shopping cart any theory article you want. Once you have everything ready, just need to complete the purchase as you normally would do, and the item will be added automatically to your Collection.

This week we start with Manu Montes article called "The First Steps in Card Magic", click here to see the article. The Saturday Releases will be Videos, Articles or new also products. If you want to know ALL about every week feel free to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. It will pay off.

See you on the top.

¡Yo enfilo!


-The Enfilo Team


Saturday release: Two Scoops by Tom Crosbie

Hello everyone!

From now, ¡Saturday is the release day! Every Saturday we are gonna release something new like an artist, a trick, a video,... So, Saturday already is the Enfilo day.

Like to say that the third friday of each month, you have an appointment with Marc Ruiz at EnfiloTV with a summary of all is going on Enfilo

This Saturday we uncover a new silhouette in our Artists Section. It's turn for Tom Crosbie who shows us "Two Scoops", a strongly shocking trick in which a signed card by two persons torn in half which ends with a two different colors in the back chosen by the spectators. Tom will tell us all we need and will explain his particular technique to do it. An excellent trick!

¡Welcome aboard Tom!

We said goodbye until next,

-The Enfilo Team


Life and Magic: +100,000 Views!!

Hello everyone!

This weekend has been really really Magical. From the ENFILO Release date, the past Friday 28th of October, until the hundreds of support Messages that you have sent us Worldwide. We only have gratitude words for each one of you.

Nonetheless, something happened and we didn't expect it. The Third Enfilo Trailer (called Life and Magic), where we announced the release date, in less than a week, the video have reached the 100,000 views and also the 700 Shares on Facebook!!

Something that borned as a way to show you our release date has become a Symbol, a Legend. A Symbol because the message show you exactly what we want from ENFILO, we want to push forward Magic, we want to push forward our Art until more that you can imagine. And a Legend because, never, ever a Video with this Clear and Powerful Message has arrived so far.

If you collaborated to spread these words, we only have gratitude words for you. And if you didn't share it, do it now. For the love of your Art. But, ¿You know what? we have a very good new...

This is Just the Beggining. ¿Are you ready? We are. YO ENFILO.

-The Enfilo Team

PS: Stay tuned for this Saturday 5th of November at our Twitter and Facebook. It will be worthwhile.


Welcome to Enfilo!

Now we can say it: "Welcome to Enfilo!".

After many months of hard work, the day has arrived. Enfilo opens its doors.

Enfilo is the new Magic and Cardistry Core, where you will find all the Best Artists publications in Magic. We have an excellent team with the Best Magicians. Every week you will discover tricks, tecniques and sleights that we are going to publish. Some of this publications, believe us, are gonna revolutionize Magic. Every single one achives to tranfer beyong the Magic Trick, we are gonna speak about Magic Theory, Construction, Magic Composition and we will give you tips based on a practical application among other things.

We also have a Website full of content, including the Artists section, the EnfiloTV or the Participate section. And many, many, many more surprises that we have already prepared for you.

So, what are you waiting? Discover Enfilo NOW.

Welcome. YO ENFILO.

-The Enfilo Team