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Bebel MagicianMagician

Age: 48
Location: Paris (France)
Years in Magic: 31


Bebel is the Magic in its purest form. This is an exceptional talent at the service of a tireless worker, a monster of passion. Specialist in Card Magic and Close-Up Magic, his favorite venue to show their art are the streets of Paris, in between pedestrians. Bebel prefers to stay on the sidewalk and provide an excellent Close-Up Show for those who want to see some of the great illusions.

Bebel Magician began performing magic in the 80's in Beaubourg (Paris), when he was 17 years old in difficult conditions. Later in the 90's he migrated to the Latin Quarter and from there continued his passion and profession. With more than 31 years of experience in magic, he has built a virtuosity, being able to get incredible Magic just by using his hands and a few items. Technical purist, Bebel is always looking to the smallest detail to debug an effect and make as few moves as possible (the most important part of Magic). But his overriding principle is that the technique should never be detected. In other words, there is no skill to make a move without a goal. The technique should serve the magical effect.

Bebel is invited to Card Magic World Conferences in Spain and in 2007. He also participated in the American Congress FFFF which is characterized by the presence of the world's greatest Close-Up magicians, you can only attend by invitation. Bebel is one of the Best Card Magic Magicians of the World.


How did you get into Magic?

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